The Youth Folk Dance Group “RÕÕMULISED, ESTONIA

15th December 2019


18.00 Hrs

Amphi Theatre

National Bal Bhavan

Let`s Dance

Choreographed by Ulvi Mägi




"The people of Estonia are an ancient nation whose dances have played an important role in their daily activities.

The 85-year-old tradition of dance festivals is important to Estonians, being one of the most unique traditions in the world. In 2003, the tradition of our dance festivals was included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Dance parties are like a bridge between generations where grandparents and grandfathers pass on original folklore dances and mothers and fathers teach children new authority on the original dance steps.

Our concert '' Joy of Dance '' tells about the joy of dancing from ancient times to the present. In Part I of the concert you will see folklore dances we learned from our grandparents. In Part II, we present dances created by different authors to show how rich, fun and progressive folk dance culture can be for a small Estonian nation with a long tradition."

Team Members 


  • Riinu Tiidrus

  • Ethel Mäekivi 

  • Emma-Lota Piirmets

  • Katrina Lõhmus

  • Anna Jürgenson

  • Laura Schotter

  • Teele Särekanno

  • Anett Sitsi

  • Siim Kaarel Maasalu

  • Markus Kukkur

  • Raivo Erik  Veevel

  • Mihkel Veskimäe

  • Georg Ader

  • Oliver Lond

  • Steven Ester

About the Group

The Youth Folk Dance Group of "Rõõmulised" is from Kohila. Kohila is located 30 km from Tallinn, Estonia. The dance group began its activity in the autumn of 2010. In our group of 14-19 years old dancers, we practice folklore and authorial dances. We all have a great love of our country dancing folk dances.

Even in its first year, it won a place in the summer 2011 Youth Dance Festival, “The Whole World“. This was great recognition for us as the competition for the festival was intense. During this festival our group was awarded by the highest category.

We have also taken part in the 2012 Estonian-Finnish Dance Festival in Tampera, Finland. 2014, 2017 and 2019 we have taken part Estonian Biggest Dance Celebrations. This year we celebrate in Estonia Dance Festival “My Fatherland is My Love”.

We have also performed at the Rapla County Dance and Song Festival, the Kohila Borough’s cultural events and various school concerts. Hard training, dance camps and travelling together have honed a new group of boys and girls on the National Dance scene.

We have been to different festivals: Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Taiwan.

The children have more than enough enthusiasm and desire to perform our country’s traditional dances.

We are like a Big Beehive, caring, respecting one another, and enjoying dancing together.

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