Leipziger Tanztheater E.V./ Junior company Der Älteren, GERMANY

16th December 2019


11:00 Hrs & 18:30 Hrs



Directed by Bettina Werner


Parts of the production "Essenz" by the Junior company der Älteren des Leipziger Tanztheaters under the direction of Bettina Werner. 33 dancers between 14 and 20 years deal with the questions of time, its relativity and self-awareness. "Essenz" reflects memories and experiences which influence our individuality, our past, present and future in a dancing and performative way and let us melt into a dense moment.

About the Group

The Junior company der Älteren is part of the Leipziger Tanztheater with approx. 400 children and adults. The Junior company der Älteren is directed by Bettina Werner. 33 dancers between 14 and 18 years study under her direction. The dancers learn via absolving the artistic process. This concept of education allows us to produce a full-length production every year. The Junior company der Älteren won several prizes and was invited for guest performances in different Festivals and countries.

Our dance teachers impart a wide knowledge about the different facets of dance - contemporary dance, the basics of technique, the basics of classical dance and improvisation. In focus of the lessons of our Junior company der Älteren is the kinematics and philosophy of Rudolf von Laban in combination with modern dance techniques and contemporary dance knowledge.



Team Members 


  • Silva Kirstein

  • Frances-Marlene Prasse

  • Mona Jocksch

  • Pia Dubyk

  • Kirima Naumann

  • Amani Abuzayed

  • Lotte Stiebling

  • Elisa Lange

  • Lisa Meier

  • Emelie Nebel

  • Rima Abuzayed

  • Leandra Ziegler

  • Charlotte Martens

  • Elina Naumann

  • Aurelia Zeh

  • Salome Pohler

  • Frieda Weste

  • Victoria Sellmann

  • Milena Rendgen

  • Filia Rössler

  • Alma Deten

  • Cindy Zoe Karschen

  • Lena Eigler

  • Mona Deckert

  • Charlotte Panzner

  • Farah Teune

  • Clara Kalkof

  • Helena Steger

  • Pauline Sinagowitz

  • Kyra Heisgen

  • Yarah Al-Azab

  • Emilie Rübbert

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