Simorgh Company, IRAN

15th December 2019


10.00 Hrs

Mekhla Jha Auditorium

National Bal Bhavan

Spring is Coming

Written and Directed by Mohammad Boroumand





It is a non-verbal performance by using dramatic rituals, dance, music and Iranian traditional customs. The little girl is weaving a goat on the carpet. The goat gets alive and makes friendship with the girl. They play with each other. When  the hunter is going to hunt the goat she rescues it. The girl entrusts the goat to the shepherd. Her goat gets friends with flock goats. The result of their friendship is some kids. A wolf attacks the flock. The goat fights with it and wins. The goat bears the winter coldness and accompanying Takamchi (Iranian traditional puppeteer) announces everybody the good news of coming spring. The girl falls in love with Takamchi and marries him. When it is time to sacrifice the goat in wedding ceremony the girl disagrees and rescues it. The goat lives with the bride and groom. The bride feeds her children with the goat milk and weaves clothes with its wool. They perform rain-asking ceremony when they face drought and when the place flourishes again they celebrate Nowruz. Eight Iranian dramatic rituals including JigiJigi, Wooden Hours, Shepherding, Takam, Wedding, Choli Qazak, Agriculture and Nowruz are introduced in this performance.

Team Members 


  • Mohammad Jalaeian Boroumand

  • Maryam Khoshdel

  • Hamid Qaleei

  • Javad Rahimzade

  • Saeide Aminzade

  • Akram Shayanfar

  • Hadi Goli

  • Golbanoo Golrang

  • Sina Samimi

  • Fereshte Navid

  • Fateme Khani

  • Parisa Langara

  • Vania Sadat Tabatabaei

  • Paria Saei Toroqi

  • Saba Kianmanesh

  • Baran Rahimzade

  • Arta Sadeqi 

About the Group

Group was founded by Mohammad Boroumand in 1996. The aim of this group is training and helping  children and adolescents through theater and Puppet Theater. Currently, more than 30 artists and art graduate students have activities in this group. The results of their activities are producing and performing more than 30 shows, three Tele theatre, two TV puppet series and some documentary films. This group founded the first private theater  hall in Mashhad named KhaneNamayesh (Theater House). Following are some of their plays: Hello Dear Mother, The  Dummy Legend, Kakoli, The Magic Ball, The Legend, The Singer Bird, Nani & Nini, The Men of Sun, From The Rain

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