15th December 2019


11:00 Hrs & 18:30 Hrs


15th December 2019


14:00 Hrs


Traditional folk dances

Choreographed by Raimonds Dzintars




Traditional and Modern Folk Dances from Latvia

  • Who smoked, that smoked: Dance which represents our dance groups’ strong side. Men who know the value of the hard work and even more can have a jouyful rest.

  • Get away, geese herds: Dance is about a loving couple, bride and the groom, who have just met each other. Wedding is around the corner. Let the celebration start.

  • After the joint work: Summer is coming to an end, fields have been reaped and everyone is coming to have harvest celebration.

  • Dancing joy: Dance about gallant men, charming women, which combines into a dance full of joy.

  • Miracle daughter: Dance is about a young girl before her big wedding day. She is filled with confusion, doubt and the most important – happiness.

Team Members 


  • Ieva Bārbale

  • Kristaps Mieriņš

  • Magdalena Liekmane

  • Lelde Krēsliņa

  • Juris Ruseckis

  • Visvaldis Tutiņš

  • Edvards Cīrulis

  • Krists Straume

  • Keita Straume

  • Katrīne Buķe

  • Sanita Rolava

  • Juris Gogulis

  • Matīss Ozols

  • Maris Subacs

  • Raimonds Dzintars

  • Dilge Bengu Ozcoskun

  • Meral Ozcoskun

  • Handan ılhan

About the Group

Dance group “Pērle” was established in October 2010. Dancers who wanted to dance and delight others with their performance came together. Thanks to the people who believed in us and helped us, our goal to become one of the best dance ensembles in Latvia has come true. Our own willingness and hard work led to the stability and confidence that our group continues to develop. Today the ensemble consists of a sizeable group of joyful and enthusiastic dancers, among them emerging choreographers and dance teachers are there.


“Pērle” is proud of its ample and active history. Every year the dance group participates in dance ensemble competitions in Latvia and year after year our performance has been evaluated with the highest results. In 2016 “Pērle” obtained the highest degree along with the best dance ensembles in group A in Latvia. “Pērle” actively participates in different charity and partnership concerts, shows, festivals and celebrations all around Latvia. Moreover, we have been guest artists in many parts of the world: Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Sweden, Canada and China.


For our dancers it is of the highest importance to present positive emotions, joy and best quality performances. To achieve mastery, it is necessary to have great coaches. The artistic director RaimondsDzintars and tutors Sandra Purmale and IgnatsAnčāns altogether have vast experience in classical dance, modern dance, and Latvian folk dance.


Traditional Latvian folk dances are a significant part of Latvian culture and heritage. Decade upon decade, Latvian people, famous choreographers and artists have developed this unique art called Latvian folk dance, and we are delighted to be a part of it. “We meet at a dance, giving each other a smile, a genuine joy of being together and warmth from heart that is communicated through dance steps and choreographies. We want to make this world brighter at least for a moment.”

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