Axioma Teatro, PARAGUAY

15th December 2019


14.00 Hrs

Mehkla Jha Auditorium

National Bal Bhavan

The Great Treasure

Written and Directed by Clari Zelada




Two girls dream of becoming "superwomen" to help and awaken the humanity. Struggling to achieve their goal, the girls ask help from their funny and wise grandmother who calls two very unique little friends who do not seem to be from this planet. This is how, between play and fantasy, begins a very interesting journey towards the inner worlds. Each world contains a small treasure that can be found with the help of the audience. There are 7 hidden treasures which once reunited can reveal ‘THE GREAT TREASURE’. The mission is to discover the inner strength and the wonderful power that each one has. It is an adventure full of humor, mystery, magical characters, visual effects, dances and songs that will move the hearts of children and adults.

Team Members 


  • Jazmín Maldonado

  • Thelma Zaldívar

  • Eugenia Larreinegabe

  • Valentina Velázquez

  • Fiorella Paredes

  • María José Molinas

  • Sofía Villalba

  • Dulce Ortellado

  • Cecilia Romero

  • Alanna Villagra

  • Sofía Carrillo

  • Yeruti Gamarra

  • Clari Zelada

  • Lourdes Llanes

About the Group

AxiomaTeatro is a group of children and young people of different ages (from 7 to 19 years old). It was founded in 2011 and all members of the group are students of the "School of Arts of Lourdes Llanes" in Asunción, Paraguay). Students learn acting, dancing, singing and poetry. The plays presented by AxiomaTeatro are usually fresh, fun, full of colors and visual effects, but the main objective is to include social criticism and encourage reflection through the view, the voice and the messages of the children, under the motto: “The world will only change if change starts with you!” AxiomaTeatro was selected to represent Paraguay in several international theater festivals, such as: 

  • 13th World Children's Theater Festival, Germany, 2014

  • 18th Festival of Creativity in the GEF Schools, Italy, 2016 

  • 14th World Festival of Children's Theater, Canada, 2016

  • 4th Joy Fest Festival, Ukraine, 2016. 

  • 15th World Festival of Children's Theater, Germany, 2018

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