Happy Childhood, RUSSIA

13th December 2019


10:00 Hrs, 14:00 & 19:00 Hrs


15th December 2019


18.00 Hrs


National Bal Bhavan

Russian Folk Dances

Choreographed by: Ishkuzina  Svetlana




The Tatar accordions: Fervent pair dance with accordions. Two basic nationalities that are Russian (Christians) and Tatars (Moslems) live in our region of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan. The dance shows fervent celebrations of Tatars.


Аccordion: The Tatar national dance. The dancers represent an accordion.

Russian dance: Cheerful Russian fervent pair dance.


Russian Men’s dance: Cheerful man's Russian dance. Children are measured by force.


Russian national dance of Kalinka: Pair Russian dance with Russian symbol music of “Kalinka-Malinka”.


Kazachok: Pair dance of the south of Russia.


On Ivan, on Kupalа: Pair dance telling about national holiday youth on the night of Ivan Kupalа.


Russian workmans: Pair stylized dance representing work of smiths of masters.


Dzhigits: Man's Tatar dance with using of skipping ropes.


Russian Folk Dance “Barynya”: Pair Russian dance with Russian symbol music of “Barynya”.

Team Members 


  • Ishkuzına Svetlana

  • Iashchuk Anna

  • Zaınullov Aırat

  • Asadullın Kamıl

  • Valeev Radmır

  • Vorobev Rıval

  • Gaıfullın Azamat

  • Gusev Aleksandr

  • Fedorov Evgenıı

  • Sergeeva Renata

  • Shurchılına Anna

  • Voronıshche Vıktorııa

  • Dvornova Sofıa

  • Sulteeva Ilvına

  • Tıkhonova Arına

  • Salamatova Darıa

  • Sırazetdınova Dıana

About the Group

Dance group Happy Childhood was established in 1978. Priority of the dance group is folk dance. This is a “large family” of 500 boys and girls from 5 to 16 years old. The Founder and artistic director of the dance group is Svetlana Ishkuzina. She is an Honored Worker of Culture of Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan.The Children’s Dance company “Happy Childhood” has successfully performed in many Russian cities, Poland, Hungary, Taiwan, Germany, India, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Finland, Moldavia, Ukraine, Turkey and many other countries. 

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