Child Exposure in Zambian Arts Trust, ZAMBIA

15th December 2019


14.00 Hrs


National Bal Bhavan

We are Sick and Tired

of your manners

Playwright by: Brendah K Katongo

Directed by: Beatrice Manda




Diluted Zambian Culture and traditional morals and values. A dramatized poetry presentation, this is a lamentation on the dilution of Zambian culture by loss of Cultural and traditional morals and values among the present generation of parents.

Team Members 


  • Ishmael Mwansa

  • Taonga Xhosa

  • Pilila Malakata

  • Lucky Mwape

  • Kelvin Silwimba

  • Tamara Mbambala

  • Chanda Mwibwe

  • Peter Mulenga

  • Kalenga Musonda

  • Nehemiah Zyambo

  • Felix Malama

  • Musonda Mwibwe

  • Beatrice Manda

  • Gabriel Edward Mbambala

About the Group

Registered as a Private non-profit, on 11th June 2012, based in Kabwe in the Central Province of Zambia. Child Exposure In Zambian Arts (CHIEZA) Trust is an arts education for development and employment private trust for children and young people with a powerful capacity to effect behavior and mindset change. Our mission is to infuse Zambian children with a sense of self-identity and self-belief in a global village by equipping them with expressive capacities to take responsibility and show leadership in advocating for better children’s welfare in society, using arts and culture – through production and exhibition skills education in music (both traditional and contemporary), dance, drama, radio, television and film. Working in collaboration with the Kabwe District Office (DEBS) in the Ministry of General Education and the Department of Arts and Cultural Affairs under Ministry of Tourism and Arts – Central Province, CHIEZA is a gender-equal and nondiscriminatory organisation offering equal participatory arts practice and skills training to all children and young people including those with disabilities. Our membership is drawn from in school and out of school children and young people. At the moment we have six (06) in- school centres and one (01) out-of-school centre with a minimum membership of 15 kids per centre." We believes that children and young people have the greatest potential as agents for change and the best way to ensure that our efforts to develop a better world are successful is to work with children and young people. Since it’s inception, it has been attended and organized the following;

1. SAFE Festival – CHIPAWO-Zimbabwe –Harare - 2019

2. CHIEZA Trust Children’s Camp & Retreat - 2017 & 2019

3. 15-World-Festival-Children-Theatre in Lingen- Germany - 2018

4. CHIEZA Arts & Culture Festival in Kabwe, Zambia – 2016 & 2017

5. Chipawo Arts/Culture Festival Camp & Christmas Show In Harare Zimbabwe - 2017

6. Chipawo Arts/Culture Festival Camp & Christmas Show In Harare Zimbabwe - 2016

7. Chipawo Arts/Culture Festival Camp & Christmas Show In Harare Zimbabwe - 2015

8. CHIPABO Arts & Culture Festival in Gaborone, Botswana - 2015

9. Chinamibia Children’s Arts And Cultural Festival In Windhoek, Namibia - 2015

10. A member and Nation al Center to IATA 2017 -2019

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